Even though it wasn’t perfect and we had our issues, our FIRST EVER SSBU TOURNAMENT COMES TO A CLOSE!!! We appreciate everyone that played/watched/was there for emotional support. To congratulate our T4:
<@298205175766712331> Won the whole thing with only dropping one single stage, true dominance
<@450366521131139093> For being the one to give Aidan his only showing, showing that he didn’t wanna get swept completely in warrior fashion
<@344234389305032705> I’m still sorry for baiting you thinking you were in the Grand Finals, I had a rough day lol
<@691097900532367390> You made it T4!!! But fr you showed up and didn’t drop a stage until the finals, being the best in your group.

The staff team is very happy for the outcome of this tourney. I swear if I could I will give everyone a hug and a high five…not that I wasn’t anyway 😭
But that’s all for me. You guys have a great day and we meet Thursday…im pretty sure.